Join us for a conversation about “Operating as an Internal Agency” with Justin Ranton, Head of UX at AliveCor. A topic that premiered in our Slack channel. 

We’ll talk about:

  • What initiated Justin Ranton to ask this question
  • How the community (you) responded to the topic
  • What happened since the topic was posted in Slack
  • Final takeaways

This is an opportunity to learn more about this topic from others, provide clarity to a response you might have given, or share examples of how you implemented the advice that was shared.

This will be a short 30 minute discussion so don’t be late! Due to the nature of this session, seating is limited.

Jump into the original #campfire post here (paste URL of the slack conversation) to see what others said.

See you around the Campfire, Live!


Director, Head of UX

Justin is passionate about leading teams to accessible, inclusive, and diverse products in a huma...(read more)